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15-16 June: Hungary’s Social Cluster Association reports on its Common Speaking Experts 2017 conference On 15 and 16 June, the Social Cluster Association held the Common Speaking Experts 2017 conference in Budapest, Hungary. The 2-day-long conference focused on inter-professional long-term care with presentations in both English and Hungarian language (via simultaneous translation) and with the participation of more than 150 experts from more than 10 countries. Many highly acclaimed professional honoured the conference either as audience members or presenters, including some of the members of Alzheimer Europe, such as Charles Scerri who gave a presentation both on day 1 – the plenary session providing an international outlook – and day 2, in one of the 6 sections. The opening speech was given by Ledia Lazëri, Head of the WHO Country Office in Hungary, highlighting the significance of this event. At the end of the first day, a consensus paper was approved by the participants regarding important guidelines for the improvement and optimisation of care services.
Dementia was a major focus point of the conference, and as a result we devoted a whole section to Hungarian Alzheimer Cafés, where the participants got to know the Slovenian good practices as well, through the presentation of Stefanija L. Zlobec. Other important themes, among many, included the actualities of geriatrics, incontinence, palliative care, and education. The importance of inter-professional and international cooperation and the development of coherent strategies in order to find the best solutions, was addressed. By the end of the conference – which we would be happy to repeat in the future - we all gained a lot of useful information and valuable experience we hope to utilise in the field of care.

English language presentations:
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